Desktop Vibrating Ball Mill

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Technical Parameters

  • Rated voltage: AC220V/50HZ
  • Rated power: 180W
  • Timing range: Between 0 and 120 minutes
  • Swing vibration frequency: 1200 circles/minute
  • Feed granularity: <1mm
  • Discharging granularity: Minimum granularity to 0.1μm
  • Maximum loading volume for each tank: One third of the volume of the ball grinding tank
  • Boundary dimensions: 405×265×260mm
  • Standard accessories: One 80ml stainless steel mixing tank; Several mixing balls;
  • Optional: Tank of 10ml-80ml volume

. Main Features:

  • It features small volume, light-weight, high efficiency and cheap price.
  • It is a high-effect miniature instrument for the preparation of laboratory samples (by a small amount and micro-scale).
  • It can be used for both the grinding and mixture of materials and the mechanical alloying.
  • It is easy to operate and clean, and at the same time, features reliable running and high adaptability to different working conditions.
  • It is environmental friendly and can implement ball grinding in both the dry and wet types.


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